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Hey Fitness Bestie! Blessings to you!

As energy is forever changing, I hope that this message finds you in your own comfort to enlighten you on what is current and what is possible as well adding to a mini workout out to jump start your month. Until your Fitness Card Deck Arrives

                                      “Because the best part is you ”

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😇Angel message: #3186
( Use your Intuition to pick)

👁 Charka Card: The Third- Eye chakra

🏃‍♀️Booster workout: Shoulder Shrug, standing SideBend, Star Master and Single Leg Bridge.

🚩Challenge Card: Classy

(100 Hip Thrusts)

🚩Interval card : Ratchet
✔60 sec: ( Butt Kicks, Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climbers and Jump squats)
✔Rest 30sec

👌🏽360 PG: choose which Activity that you connect with at this very moment or do all.

🛤👣Affirmation/ Message Booster card Reading:

#3Trust your intuition on this New Energy that want to come in or currently surround you, Be the #1 Empress you are the queen. Ready To take action on this path. you’re heading in the right direction. #8 you Just have to Walk away from drama gracefully. To have this abundance & prosperity. Release the past and put all your energy towards the present. #6 Sorry but, we are not doing this anymore. We’re becoming more conscious of our actions. No more sleeping minds while we’re awake. Says there’s is something that you are very much so aware of that you need to walk away from but you choose to see what you want to see.

Turning that Ratchet energy off and becoming that classy person you’re.
Is releasing the old you for the better version of your self when you trust your intuition on theses changes;  that is when you genuinely choose yourself

Ps. At this very moment that first thought that you questioned is what you are looking for here, when you listen to your inner self. That is when you will win the race.

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For more details book a private chit chat to vent or Fitness card Reading of your choice so we can Tap Into your current customized workout and Current situation to move forward and chase your dreams until next Time.


Your Fitness Bestie!

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