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Hey Fitness Bestie! Blessings to you!
As energy is forever changing, I hope that this message finds you in your own comfort to enlighten you on what is current and what is possible for this year to come, as well add to a mini workout out to jump-start your month. Until your Fitness Card Deck Arrives “Because the best part is you ”
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Angel message: #69
Type this number followed by “ Angel Meaning in your Google search to reveal additional messages.
( Use your Intuition to pick)

Charka Card:N/A

Booster workout: Arm Chops (3 Set 15 Reps)
Shoulder press ( 3 sets 10 Reps )

Challenge Card: N/A
Interval card: N/A

360 PG: choose which Activity that you connect with at this very moment or do all.

Affirmation/ Message Reading:
YOU’RE LOOKING GOOD this month as you will be coming into this energy of being unbothered. chopping away negative energy left and right. As you have been enduring bags after bags of S*!+ from the past that was disturbing your peace of mind. Making you feel trapped and depressed. As you tap into your worth you’ll actively drag people, places, and situations OUT of your Life respectfully. As your vibration will reach a higher frequency. You will be dominating in your energy this month.


Ps. It’s 2024 and this is your year to evolve however you have to let go and choose yourself because the best part is you.


For more details book a private chit-chat to vent or a Fitness card Reading of your choice so we can Tap Into your current Energy to move forward and chase your dreams until next Time.
Your Turly Fitness Bestie!

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