Mentor Prescreening

As a life coach, we act as a catalyst to guide you on your new journey from the present to the future. And leave the past behind. As this is the only thing that matters at this very moment. We only help you identify situations from the past. If you are dealing with any past trauma situations you will be referred to a therapist.

Pre-screening questions

  • Fill out the information. Make sure that you fill all the questions. If the questions don’t pertain to you just place N/A.
  • It’s important that you fill out all the responses openly and honestly so your coach can see what to focus on.

Assessment of the peer coaching programs.

  • Please note that you must select past life shadows first in regards to the past present and future quarter programs.

To receive a free consultation: Begin questionnaire

Basic client information

Goals and achievements window (accomplished and unaccomplished)

Educational and Career history

Spirituality and beliefs

Physical Health

Open topic discussion

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