This fitness card spread is a digital service for our clients all over the world that will be given over the phone, email, text, or even FaceTime. 

Based on their physical ability, clients will categorize themselves as beginners, intermediate & advanced. The coach will develop a workout routine for the client to track their progress. Then, depending on their categorization & personal interests, they will pick the spread they want from the website and book an appointment online for the coach to personally draw out the cards matched with their current energy.

Note: additional clarity card & personal message may be added based on the needs of what comes forward in the spread.

This card reading is done one on one and will be done by the coach for the client. The card spread is for people to help them both spiritually and physically.

People can purchase their fitness spread online from all over the world.

Each reading card covers the current energy level (an overall message that you need to know), a fitness exercises, a personal activity that the receiver is attracted to (e.g drink your favorite tea and appreciate the scenery or calming music), and insight/motivational messages that you need to hear to achieve the full circle boost in your target tracker.

If the fitness coach feels there is a need for an additional card, he will pull out an additional clarity card for the client which will give them an extra boost. The fitness coach can also add a personal message as well as an additional task if need be.

If you are here just for the fitness reading, you can get the spread of your choice. The coach will personally select the current card reading and go overall current spread. Still, if you are looking for an extension then the coach will keep track of all your fitness reading that they will be assessed upon each booked appointment to gain the most in-depth information you can currently receive to gain results.

5 thoughts on “DIGITAL CARD READING”

  1. This is program is one of the best that I have had the privilege to experience and itIs making a positive impact in my life.

  2. My workout bestie is the best!! She is more then just a trainer for the body. She helps train the mind and strengthens your confidence!! Thanks workout bestie!!

  3. Love the cards. They provide such a diverse work out each session. I split them up by body parts so I can still tailor what I want to work out for that day.

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