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“because the best part is you”

In this era where everything has become digital, people tend to become inactive which can lead to serious health issues. Often people become unmotivated and need a push to get their life back on track. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Three basic elements can help a person to stay fit are diet, exercise, and sleep. All these are important and have a huge impact on one’s physical and mental health. 

Through our fitness and mentor coaching program, we will aim to break down what is causing or affecting your health and to bring your life back on track with consistent tools and accountability designed to help you to not only jump-start your fitness goals but to maintain them with the best services provided by our fitness program. With the help of 360 Life Changes, you can start enjoying not only your outer self-body but your inner self as well; rebuild stronger foundations to becoming your best self – “because the best part is you”.

We believe fitness can be adopted as a lifestyle. We aspire to train through functional movements and guide through stamina, strength, and inner power that can be used in practical life. We have qualified trainers that have in-depth knowledge of physical fitness.

Our sessions are conducted in open spaces such as parks, which not only gives room for practice but also refreshes the mind with fresh air and beautiful scenery. We are like the fitness bestie that can help you to be able to connect with the earth and ground yourself during each workout session. We choose different parks or open location based on what is on the session’s agenda.

We offer one-to-one personal training as well as group programs. Our timings are flexible – so, whether you are a student, an employee, or retired, you can easily be a part of our program.

We offer programs with different durations ranging from one day to 6 months. We aim to achieve maximum customer satisfaction through our quality of work. We have experienced coaches that are passionate about what we do to help you achieve your realistic goals.

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Hi! I am Jessyca Anderson, a fitness and life coach mentor. I was also once unhappy, sad and depressed with what life had thrown at me. I soon realized that it is my life and I can turn it around by my actions and positive thinking. And it worked for me. So I thought why not help other people who are also in the same situation?

I was attacked/shot on July 24 2019. after this occurred lead me fighting for my life in another way. I physically couldn’t do the things that I could normally do. I always been physically active and independent and I love working out as it was my personal me time. The year before this accident I was working on opening my fitness company however After this situation occurred plans suddenly stopped.

I woke up in a hospital with family around me. Glimpse of that night filled my eyes and love from my family and friends comfort me.

I had to regain my self confidence and regain physical strength after not being able to walk nor stand without support. I always been a fighter to what life thrown at me from losing love ones, being homeless to heart break. I been where a lot of people have been and I refused not to let ANY SITUATION steal my light that The Heavenly Father placed within me. God gave me another life that night as I lied on the pavement. I looked toward the sky my thoughts filled my mind then my eyes closed and it was just calmness I wasn’t afraid anymore. Moments later A officer save me ( Blessing and Thanks to him).

After my attack, I was left with a scar down my stomach as one bullet was removed. I currently suffer from loss of feeling in my left leg because of Nerve damage and a bullet still remains in my right knee.

My personal story’s are the truth and once I was ashamed about them all; now it’s my inspiration on how I live my life today and how I help others to this very day. I say this just say that it doesn’t matter what you’re going through, know that there will be better days. As the season changes so do we but it’s up to us what we do in those changes that make us who we are. Regardless of my current situation in my health factor I still decided to open 360 life changes this year. As we can grow together and knock down theses challenges we face.

I can’t wait to connect with you. follow me on YouTube as we will chat on real topic, over come obstacles and complete workouts

Now About the 360 Deck

I created 360 LC Deck when I was on bed rest for months. I created this deck for me to do on a day to day basis to get back active in my workout goals. Even If I did one workout it was better then not doing nothing. 

Our exercises are designed to help you get your fitness results through the spreads. They offer a variety of workout positions that will get your body active and regain or increase strength and endurance. 

Our 360 Personal Growth (Pg) messages are designed for you to actively do something with your life and improve your inner self to see what the world has to offer all within the mission of getting to know yourself.

Our affirmation/message is made for you to reflect, to motivate, to think on, and to gain. Everyone faces different situations in life, but by using your intuition you will gain a deeper meaning of that particular message that came out for you. 

The benefit of this 360 LC Decks is to create physical active movement with exercise to gain and target a full body workout to achieve real results in your personal fitness goals. Accomplished with building consistency and routing through the use of the fitness deck. We want you to be excited to complete a spread to see what the cards have in store you.

They give you that positive message that you need to hear at the right moment as well as the not so good message that you may need to evaluate yourself (a variety of message are included to challenge your self).

They help you find new activities to have fun with yourself and to also enjoy with others. They guide you to work on your inner self and raise your potential to new levels that you never knew you could. They encourage you to push through and conquer (a variety of message are included to challenge yourself).


What makes this product a must have in our world today?

I like to thank you fitness Bestie for taking action and getting your deck today. I’m truly blessed and thankful to have the opportunity to not only do what I love but to help others on the way. I can’t wait to hear from you as this deck and future decks to come will bring a New Beginning and empower us to stay connected with our higher self because the best part is you.

With everything actually happening in the world today because of this virus a lot of people are trying to stay safe and these cards can be used in the comfort of your home, park or parking lot where there is more room for social distancing.

Next, a lot of people right now are going through many different feelings as they are losing family, friends, jobs, etc. and need that sense of being back in tune with self in these trying times. 

Furthermore, for people that don’t know what to do with themselves due to the lockdown and everything not going back to normal so quickly, you find yourselves not knowing what to do with your time. You get bored and depending on where you are at in life, boredom and desperation leads to a lot of other issues in the world. 

That said, even if this pandemic didn’t occur, these cards are forever needed as they are an escape from today’s world with everything that is electronic and digital amongst a wide septum of the topic listing. It’s hard for people to get grounded and actually make time for themselves to gain the knowledge of themselves again. 

Knowing yourself is everything because it makes you decide what’s for you and what’s not for you before getting involved with people, places, and things that don’t serve your higher good.


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